Saturday, July 10, 2010

Innocent Wildlife - Demos 2009-2010

Hello and welcome to Very Arbitrary, a blog dedicated to…well…dedicated to nothing really; hence the name. Generally speaking I wanted this blog as a place that I could talk about some of my favorite things like music, sports (Pittsburgh sports in particular), movies, art, smoking babies, etc. Probably the biggest motivation for me to finally create a blog was to have a place to share my music. It only seems fitting that my first post on Very Arbitrary should also be the first time that I truly share my music.

The name of my project is Innocent Wildlife. I’ve been recording music for fun, on and off, ever since I first started playing guitar some 13 years ago. It wasn’t until the last 5 years or so that I started writing music that I feel good about. After taking a job for the money (which technically is why every job is taken) in the summer of 2009, I decided that if the job itself is not creatively fulfilling (went to school for animation now I do web work) that I would put the money towards something fulfilling. I decided to do something that I put off for too long. I bought a Tascam digital 8-track, borrowed some mics/cables from friends, and I decided to start recording music again for as long and often as I can. The first fruits of my labor are the songs on “demos 2009-2010” my first album.

My songwriting influences are pretty standard fare for your average 30-something indie music fan that appreciates a well written pop song. Artists like the Talking Heads, the Smiths, and the Beatles, are all huge inspirations; along with groups like Belle & Sebastian, Spoon, and Radiohead amongst many others. Someday I hope to write some songs that might be considered genuinely great, but for now I’ll settle for songs that I’m happy with, or at least not totally embarrassed about.

In addition to the singing, all of the instruments on the album were played by me, which would be more impressive if the musicianship/singing were of a higher caliber (I bet you can’t wait to hear my stuff!). I’m in the process of recording more songs and I hope to have another 9 song album together by fall. Like "Demos 2009-2010", the next album will be a combination of songs that I’ve been carrying around for a long while, more recent songs, and stuff that developes during the recording period.

As a music lover; creating and sharing your own music is one of the greatest expressions of that love. It’s an exciting, embarrassing, humbling, and very rewarding process. Sometimes I wish I had engaged in the process more often when I was younger, but it's really never too late to start expressing yourself through art.

Click here to download "Demos 2009-2010" by Innocent Wildlife.

You can also listen to the music here on my myspace page.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the music!

Brian aka Innocent Wildlife


  1. So happy to finally download your songs. Thanks!

  2. BJ
    Hang tough bro and keep up the good work.