Friday, July 23, 2010

Innocent Wildlife included on Musical Pairings The July Mixtape

Like most people that work 9-5 office jobs I have a morning ritual. After completing the parts of my daily routine involving hygiene and transportation, my morning ritual always culminates with the perusing of my favorite music related websites/blogs. One music blog that I am particularly fond of is Musical Pairings; a very unique and exceptionally well maintained site that I believe is based in San Francisco. Musical Pairings is produced by husband and wife duo Matthew and Kasey Hickey; two people with a great love for music and food.

On July 23 (2 days after my birthday) Musical Pairings posted their most recent mixtape titled “Musical Pairings The July Mix”. As usual the compilation consists of a variety of artist ranging from the established to the relatively unknown. When they release a comp I like to skim the track-list for songs that I don’t already have/artists I’ve never heard of. Imagine my complete surprise when looking at the last song on the comp and seeing the name “Innocent Wildlife”, with the song title “Cold Civil War” next to it. I had recently sent an email to Musical Pairings to tell them that I love what they’re doing and to share my music. I would have been more than happy to get an email back saying “Thanks for sharing your music. We don’t completely hate it”. To make it onto a mixtape that they appear to be very happy with and excited about was one of the highlights of my birthday week. I’m truly honored to be acknowledged by people I respect, and to be the song that signals when it’s time to stop the cd and put in a new one, or select a new playlist.

Thank you Musical Pairings for including Innocent Wildlife on another fine mixtape and more importantly for existing in the first place.

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